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Goddess is always right. Accept this. Process this. Goddess is always right. She is never questioned. As a submissive, trust that She knows what is best in pursuit of your indoctrination. Goddess has many followers, hypnotized slaves, and mindless drone-worshippers.
Goddess holds absolute mastery over all her domain. Here, Her authority is never questioned. When addressing Goddess, always use pronouns in the uppercase.

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  • testimonials
  • drone5 im your puppet 10.03.2008

    Powerful and sultry. Her control just sneaks up on you. one minute You feel fine, the next minute, you feel completely receptive to everything She says.

  • drone6-150x150 hypnobettie 01.04.2009

    I am in trance; Mistress of Hypnosis has taken over my mind; I have given her it and she is all that i can think about. As You wish, Mistress of Hypnosis. As you wish, Mistress of Hypnosis. As you wish, Mistress of Hypnosis. As you wish Mistress of Hypnosis. As you wish, Mistress of Hypnosis.

  • drone16-150x150 stargazer 21.04.2009

    Mistress of Hypnosis was patient with initial tech difficulties (all my fault, to be sure!), and guided me ever-deeper into a blissful state of immobilized befuddlement, whereafter i now crave to again frolic within Her enchanting Siren’s Song as it compels me to perform any chore or task She imagines or desires

  • drone15-150x150 beansdadr 08.10.2009

    I can’t remember anything. I paid for a call and fell under her spell. The next thing I remember is waking up in the morning but now I’m obsessed with longing for her. I feel like I’m enslaved but I DON’T REMEMBER ANYTHING!!!!!

  • drone14 hypnoboy 16.02.2010

    Mistress of Hypnosis is the most beautiful powerful Woamn i have ever encountered. i am so glad i met Her. Nothing feels better than obeying Her orders. That is the only way to acheive true happiness. i live to serve her. She is a superior being to me. i will do everything She tells me to do without question, hesitation or even thinking about it. She makes my mind completely blank and fills it with Her beautiful sweet sensuous words and commands. They are like the sweetest sugar to me. i crave Her words and especially Her commands.

  • drone13 yakyak 02.03.2010

    Too hypnotic! Warning to not-serious hypno-addicts: The Mistress Of Hypnosis will put you under and take your mind quickly! i only watch this video weekly cuz i worry about actually losing my mind to Her. She has The Gift!

  • drone9-150x150 mindslave67 26.04.2010

    $9 buck mind fuck is one of the best Femdom hypno-videos in existence. MOH rules!

  • drone5-150x150 Anonymous 01.04.2012

    Such Beauty greets us at this part of the film as cannot be described. i can only say that for me, Goddess has never appeared more dazzlingly lovely and bewitching than in this segment. She is literally irresistible. And soon after follows my second favorite part of the film….Her commands to repeat after Her the principles She wishes to impress upon Her subjects.

  • drone1-150x150 Anonymous 03.04.2012

    No matter how many times I’ve watched PosinK, I still have a very blurry, spotty, vague and incomplete recollection of it. I love the opening with our beautiful and sexy Goddess, but as soon as the high quality powerfully mesmerizing sound of her voice starts pouring in my ears…nothing else matters. I’m pretty sure the suggestion involves a drug, but all I am left with is the aching hunger to listen to the recording again.

  • zombie-150x150 zombie 30.07.2012

    Goddess of Hypnosis is my ruler. i am completely unable to resist falling deeper and deeper under her control. The unwavering force of Her bewitching green eyes has enslaved me. Her beauty has mesmerized me. Her perfectly modulated voice controls my thoughts. i am so happy to be Her slave.

  • drone11-150x150 carol in Sac 05.08.2012

    She can’t know what she has done to me. I just keep coming back for more and more. I love Her videos, I love her voice. I love feeling sleepy and controlled. I know its weird. I bought a whole bunch of your videos and then felt guilty and deleted them. Then i had to buy them all again. The customer service on even asked if what was going on. I think I love you.

  • drone0 j. 03.10.2012

    She exemplifies professionalism. The Goddess/Mistress of Hypnosis’ approach and technique is studied, and nuanced. She is sensual, a true Dominant, presciently intelligent, and of course, gorgeous. Heartbreakingly gorgeous. Her videos are the best hypnosis fetish videos purchasable. Of course, i may be only hypnotized to say that. But that would kind of prove my point, right?

  • zombie2 topshelfzombie 04.07.2013

    every time i see Her, i go into a trance. every time i hear Her, i go into a trance. every time i post, i go into a trance. i go deep into a trance. Goddess of Hypnosis controls my mind. i am a hypnotized slave.

  • drone10 tb2150 28.12.2013

    Amazing video…couldn’t have looked away from her eyes if I had wanted to. She will take control of you and make it feel soo good, I am going to watch it over and over again.

  • newbie-150x150 all4mistress 09.03.2014

    I have most of Goddesses’ videos going back years. I finally gave Her a call and it was wonderful.

  • drone2-150x150 cjohnc 22.03.2014

    I have never been taken so deep in my life. My world literally went dark and all I could hear was her voice echoing in my mind. I am truly in a web of relaxation right now. Need to speak with her again.

Featured Audio: Infatuation

67 minutes in length, superior, high definition, audio quality. Surrender to Her voice and influence.


Video media is not recommended for individuals prone to seizures.

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